Boo-ya! Those Long Wedding Hairstyles Are Impeccable Artistry

Boo-ya! Those Long Wedding Hairstyles Are Impeccable Artistry

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Do you have long hair? If the answer is yes, congratulations! Long hairstyle is always one of the hottest wedding hairstyles and it can never be out of fashion. Throughout all the gorgeous wedding hairstyles, long hair always dominates. Before you determine which hairstyle you will choose, we strongly recommend you to take a look at those beautiful long hairstyles for wedding.

You can do your hair in this way by combing it back, rolling it and securing your hair with pin. Be sure to use shine product to make your hair shinning and stunning. This hairstyle is called Vintage Roll and for those brides who have layered hair, this wedding hairstyle is suitable for them, regardless of any face shape except square face.

Or you may part your side hair and sweep it up onto your crown to make it a ponytail, and use some hair to intertwine with the ponytail. Finally use the hot roller to make curls and style your done hair with spray. This hairstyle is named Long Cascading Curls, which is suitable for brides with voluminous hair.

For this hairstyle, we recommend you to let professional to do it. The Grecian Curls is so exquisite that it needs to be done by remarkable craftsmanship.

Comb your curled hair back and sweep your side hair up. Apply pin to secure it. Style it with spray. This Half up-Half down is best suitable for oval, round and heart face shapes.

If your hair is thick, the hairstyle called Braids and Buns is another choice for your wedding. The hair on the top should be backcombed into a bun, and the hair in front of your ears should be sectioned to make it braids.

The Flower Braided Updo has the similar hair design with the braids and buns. Take a look at the gorgeous hairstyle decorated with beautiful hair accessories.

The Elegant Updo looks difficult than it is. This hairstyle is simple but can be fancied up for a wedding. Besides, this hairstyle almost fits for any kind of face shape, so it is advisable for those brides who may worry too much about their face shape when choosing wedding hairstyle.

High Bun can be the easiest hairstyle for those brides who prefer doing their hairstyles by themselves. However, it may take time for your to adapt to the weight of this hairstyle, because it is a little heavy.

For those brides who don’t own long hair, you can also make your long hair dream quickly come true by using hair extensions.

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Boo-ya! Those Long Wedding Hairstyles Are Impeccable Artistry