Top 10 Hair Color Trends & Ideas for Men in 2020

Top 10 Hair Color Trends & Ideas for Men in 2020

Top 10 Hair Color Trends & Ideas

2020 is around the corner. Would you like to go with something new in the coming year? Changing hair color is a good choice to make you look attractive and fashionable.Hairbro is here to collect some of the best  men’s  hair color ideas to kick start your new aesthetic journey. Our collection includes different options that can accommodate all your personalities. Whether you want a subtle yet effective change of look, or want a dramatic makeover, you can find inspiration in our recommendations. By the way, these hair color trends and ideas can also be tried on human hair systems.


Highlighting is a great way to get a new look without much risk. Highlighting can add texture and unique style to any hair, so if you need some simple hair color, it’s worth trying. Following, I will list some hair highlight ideas in 2020.

Blonde Highlights For Dark Hair

It looks great when the dark hair is highlighted in blonde . Pick the right blonde for your hair color makes a big difference in hair highlights. If you are dark brown hair and want a natural look, I recommend using light brown highlight to avoid false appearances.

Silver Hair Highlights on Black Hair

Another version of the black hair highlights is the silver stripe. This photo shows the silver highlights on the edge. Usually, you don’t really notice that the bangs are brushed into thick stripes, but silver attracts your attention.

Red Highlights on Black Hair

The red highlights on the black hair don’t change much like other hair colors, but the advantage of deep red is that when the sun hits the top of the head, you will really notice the difference.

2.Just the Top

If you want to choose a higher-risk hair color, look at some of these hair colors, which add new elements to these already fashionable hair styles.

Rainbow Hair Color

The rainbow-colored modern hairstyle combination is probably the most trendiest. Although you can’t see all seven colors, you can combine three or four colors when you’re occupying the top parts of your hair. If you want to make this hairstyle perfect, you will need the hairdresser’s skills, otherwise you will be at a loss.

Deep Plum Men’s Hair Color

The unconventional men’s hair color ideas often look attractive when faded out of natural tones. For example, if your hair is black or dark brown, you can add deep plums on the top of your hair. Skilled colorists will help you achieve the desired harmonious transition.

Silver/Icy Blonde Hair Color

Whether you have lighter or darker complexion, silver blonde hair color can look great. It is also ideal for hair with a long top and a short side. Men with dark brown eyes look more attractive. The icy blonde has a long top and a short side, plus a perforated effect that exudes a striking rock-and-roll look.

3.All Out

If you want to go all out, then we can offer you some great styles. Most of them are between silver and gold, because this is the best choice when you have a full hair color change. I hope you won’t look like the next Eminem. good luck!

Ash Grey Hair Color

This smoky grey is stylish and fun. I imagine they will coordinate their hair and everyday dress, whether it is a white plain T-shirt or blue jeans, or a suit and tie.

Copper Brown Hair Color

People with warm skin will look great in this color! The warm complexion contains olive or yellow undertones. This style is ideal if you have natural curls. Straight hair can also wear this color, but it will benefit from a shorter, slightly messy style.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry blonde retains a red hue and the overall tone is biased towards the blonde. This is a preferred choice for men who usually have red-haired features (light eyes, pale skin, etc.).

Chocolate Brown Hair Color

This hair color looks great on all skin tones! For this style, the hair should be thick. If your hair is very thin, use a thickened serum to increase the volume of your hair before using a styling cream or mousse.

Now, try the latest men’s hair color trends and spread your charm everywhere. Hair is an important part of our personality, so it makes sense to color and style to give it a unique look.


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