Wigs 101: How to Curl A Synthetic Wig

Wigs 101: How to Curl A Synthetic Wig

easy way to curl
your synthetic wig is
using rollers…

Let’s face it – despite how much you love the human hair, you’ve got to admit that it is too expensive to afford. Synthetic hair wig is much less expensive when compared to the cost of human hair. However, what you have to pay for its cheap price is that it is often more difficult to style into a curly hairdo. Don’t worry, there is always way out. Here, we will guide you how to curl a synthetic wig.

Can You Put Heat on Synthetic Hair?

Before getting to the topic, we must first figure out if your synthetic wig is heat-resistant. You should know that not all synthetic fibers are heat friendly. Ordinary synthetic fiber products cannot tolerate heat at all and are liable to melt if exposed to a large amount of heat. On the flip side, heat-friendly synthetic hair can withstand low heat that does not exceed 350 degrees.

How to Curl ASynthetic Wig?

Here we introduce your two easy ways of how to curl your synthetic hair, one is to use a curling iron, and another way is to use rollers.

1.Using A Curing Iron

● First, wash your wig with shampoo and conditioner and comb your hair with a wig brush or a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles, which will reduce the chance of melting and ensure you are working with a clean base.

● Then, apply a light heat protectant on the hair, this will help protect against damage that could be caused by excessive heat.

● Set the curling iron to a few dozen degrees lower than the recommended temperature set by the wig manufacturer.

● Divide the hair into sections and press it down with a styling clip. Wrap the preheated curling iron on a wet part of synthetic hair for about 10-15 seconds. Gently slide the curling iron out of the curls. Before releasing the curls, use hairpins to secure them one by one until they cool down. This will help the curl maintain its shape longer. Continue curling the rest of your hair.

2. Using Rollers

Another super easy way to curl your synthetic wig is using rollers.

● First, wash your wig and gently comb the wig with the wide-tooth comb to detangle the hairs.

● Then, separate the hair into sections, roll them up onto foam rollers. The number and sizes of  rollers you should use depends on the type of style you want to make.

● Put the rollers into hot water (around 100° C) for 15-20 seconds. The heated water will do the curling of the synthetic hair into the shape of the roller.

● Once you are done with the heating, place it on a dry place to let it dry.

Hopefully our tutorial on how to curl synthetic wigs will help you set up your hair system properly. No matter what type of wig you buy, you can’t miss the guides to getting beautiful hair and protecting it as well. Those we have shown you may not all but they are popular and easy steps you can try.


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Wigs 101: How to Curl A Synthetic Wig